No matter where you are on the journey to transforming your business, you'll find the insights you need to address today's most pressing data challenges at Informatica World.

To help you focus on what matters most, we've organized this year's sessions into four "journeys" oriented around the critical data issues companies are facing right now. Discover why each data journey matters to your business with the Industry Perspectives on Monday, and then attend the sessions relevant to your own company on Tuesday and Wednesday and learn how you can empower your organization to lead a data-driven intelligent disruption that will reverberate across your industry.

You'll hear from customers sharing real-world experiences, learn current best practices, and see some short demos at most breakout sessions, all designed to help you make possible what never existed before.

Next Gen Analytics Journey

To stay ahead of your competitors, you must effectively use data analytics to create useful, actionable insights. Key challenges include the need to manually find and reconcile data fragmented across the enterprise, delays to accessing and sharing data, and inaccurate data—hold companies back from making predictions and delivering insights that empower data-driven digital transformations. Thanks to the Cloud and data lakes, making data available in a self-service manner to business analysts is the key to streamlining and simplifying analytics at your organization. Come hear how businesses use Informatica’s AI-driven approach to data management, powered by the CLAIRE engine, to quickly and easily catalog, ingest, integrate, prepare, enrich, relate, secure, and govern data for more trusted business insights—in the Cloud or on-premises.

Sessions in this journey may include:

  • Breakouts:
    • Driving Digital Transformation with Next-gen Analytics
    • Understand Your Data with a CLAIRE-powered Data Catalog
    • Successful CLAIRE-powered Cloud Data Lake Management
    • Design a Data Management Architecture for Next-generation Analytics
    • Governed Self-service Analytics with Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog & Tableau
    • Analytics Modernization Initiatives with Data Integration Hub
    • Get Started with Real-Time Streaming
    • Implement Self Service for your Business with Governance and Reusability
    • Manage Complex, Hybrid Data Integration Environments for High Performance
    • Ensure Security & Performance with Big Data Management
  • Roundtables:
    • Building scalable solutions with Big Data Management and Spark
    • Informatica PowerCenter and Cloud–Performance, Scalability, Tips, & Tricks
    • Data Catalog for Self Service Analytics & Data Governance
  • Deep Dives:
    • How to use Enterprise Data Catalog for Analytics and Data Governance
    • Self-service Big Data Discovery and Preparation made easy with Enterprise Data Lake

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