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Informatica World 2019 | May 20-23, 2019

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Welcome to the forefront of AI and data. Digital transformation starts here.

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Roundtables, deep dives, and an unforgettable Expo experience–start making your to-do list now.

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See what makes Informatica World a can't-miss event–and why 2019 will be the best yet.

What’s a Market Perspective?

Go beyond the reports with a full day of market trend discussions, straight from industry analysts and experts.

Passion, Inspiration, and Real-World Experiences

Our featured speakers are disruptors, industry leaders, and innovators. Be inspired by their stories.

Sanjeev Mohan
Senior Director Analyst, Gartner

Sheryl Kingstone
Research Vice President & General Manager - VOCUL, 451 Research

Francois Ajenstat
Chief Product Officer, Tableau
“I would love to attend next year's conference to learn more about CLAIRE and other Big Data movements. The production was top of the line! This was a great refresher because it showed me the possibilities of my role and how it benefits/affects others.”

  –Ryan, Informatica World 2018 attendee

The CLAIRE Advantage

Pair machine learning and AI with intelligent metadata, and you can deliver trustworthy results faster, easier, and more efficiently.
The CLAIRE™ engine is the catalyst—your data is the fuel.

At Informatica World 2019, you’ll have multiple opportunities to see how AI makes a definitive difference for your business, no matter what journey you’re on:

Drive 360 Engagement

When you can deliver perfectly tailored offers to both new and returning customers at the moment of purchase and your loyalty rates soar: that’s CLAIRE.

Deliver Next-Gen Analytics

When you can accelerate time to insights by empowering data scientists to spend their time collaborating and analyzing data instead of cleaning it: that’s CLAIRE.

Move to the Cloud

When you can scale productivity by predicting system loads and streamlining multi-cloud integration and migrations: that’s CLAIRE.

Fuel Data Governance & Compliance

When you can automate data governance with business self-service and be confident that you’ve already assessed and protected your data: that’s CLAIRE.

Get inspired! View highlights from Informatica World 2018.

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