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This is where the doing gets done. Let’s talk about how to make these strategies work in your organization’s environment.

  • 6 Steps to Operationalize Data Privacy Governance
  • A Best Practices Guide to Implementing an Intelligent Data Catalog
  • A Better Approach to Modernizing Your Data Warehouse with Google Cloud
  • Accelerate Your Move to The Snowflake Data Cloud
  • Accelerating Data-led Modernization to AWS
  • Agile Data Cataloging for Cloud Analytics
  • API-led App Modernization and Innovation
  • A Practitioner’s Guide to Modern App Integration
  • Building a Modern Cloud Data Architecture on Azure
  • Cloud Data Warehouse/Data Lake – Lakehouse Design & Architecture Blueprint
  • Cloud-Native Data Integration for Cloud Data Warehouse/Data Lake using Spark and Serverless
  • Comprehensive Data Lineage with Enterprise Data Catalog Advanced Scanners
  • Customer 360 Insights: How Informatica’s Customer Data Platform inspires every interaction
  • Customer 360 SaaS: easy, modern, cloud native MDM for customer data
  • Data Governance for a Data-Driven Culture Supporting Analytics
  • Democratize Data and Empower your Business Using Axon Data Marketplace
  • Discover What’s New in Enterprise Data Catalog
  • Ensure Trust in your Cloud Data Warehouse/Data Lake with High Quality Data
  • Ensuring Cloud Success with Data Governance and Privacy
  • ERP/CRM Application Modernization with: SAP, SFDC, MSD, Oracle
  • Finance 360: Delivering trusted and reliable finance master data
  • Getting More From IICS with Cloud-first Pricing Updates
  • Ingest & Synchronize your RDBMS and Cloud Data Warehouse/Data Lake with Change Data Capture
  • Product 360: AI-Driven Intelligent Data Management for Digital Commerce
  • Reference 360: Unlocking the true value of managing reference data sets
  • What’s New in Cloud Data Integration?
  • Your Guide to Modernize your On-Premises Data Warehouse to the Cloud