Informatica Innovation Awards 2019

Data-driven disruptors use data intelligently to make possible that which never existed before

Since 2000, Informatica has presented customer Innovation Awards to intelligent disruptors who use data to deliver great business outcomes. Informatica Innovation Awards recognize our customers' success using Informatica’s solutions and services. We value our relationship with our customers and look forward to honoring this year’s winners and finalists at Informatica World 2019.

This year, there are four award categories, and nominations for Innovation Awards must be for named customers only. Informatica customers, partners and employees may submit nominations; however, anonymous or partner-only submissions without a named customer will not be considered.

If selected as one of the top three Honorees in a category, the customer must agree to the Innovation Awards Terms & Conditions, which includes attending Informatica World and being named publicly in co-marketing activities. Each winner and honoree will receive one complimentary pass to Informatica World. Winners and honorees will also be recognized at the Innovation Awards ceremony at Informatica World on Monday, May 20, where they will receive their trophy and framed awards. This exclusive awards ceremony will be attended by Informatica’s top executives. In addition, honorees and winners will have exclusive access to the Customer Advocacy Lounge in the solution showcase.

Are YOU a data-driven disruptor? Tell us your story!
We will celebrate the best intelligent disruptors at Informatica World 2019.



Please submit your Innovation Award Nomination in any of the following four categories (you may select more than one category):


Intelligent Disruptor: Next Generation Analytics

You partner with Informatica to enable faster and better-quality business decisions, and to disrupt your industry and gain a competitive advantage with data-driven innovation. You deliver consistent, trusted, and integrated information while eliminating redundancy and driving reuse. Submit in this category if you are on a next-generation analytics journey, successfully delivering an enterprise analytical capability by making it easier to find, ingest, prepare, enrich, cleanse, protect, govern, and deliver data to drive better business decisions and insights. Examples of initiatives in this category include:

  • Delivering data to end users with less complexity and increased collaboration with self-service analytics.
  • Using big data environments and infrastructure to modernize data warehouses and deliver more relevant and trusted data for analytics.
  • Capturing, processing, and analyzing batch and streaming data for business insights.
  • Discovering and managing—via a data catalog—data assets across the enterprise.
  • Ingesting, enriching, preparing, and governing with intelligent/cloud data lakes.

Intelligent Disruptor: Cloud/Hybrid Data Management

You partner with Informatica to modernize your environment to enable your data-driven digital transformation, supporting either a cloud-first strategy, or the need to manage a complex, hybrid architecture. With investments across multi-cloud and on-premises environments, you are an innovator helping to drive business transformation and cloud adoption. Submit in this category if you are on a cloud/hybrid data management journey that will position your company to reap the various benefits of the cloud, including scale, faster time to market, higher productivity, business agility, elasticity, and portability. Examples of initiatives in this category include:

  • Creating a cohesive hybrid data management strategy.
  • Delivering cloud use cases such as data integration, application integration, partner B2B integration, cloud data warehouse modernization, application to application data synchronization, and API integration.
  • Amplifying cloud data management for Big Data, IoT, B2B, and Integration Hub use cases.
  • Providing intelligent, metadata-driven microservices and APIs.
  • Finding, preparing, mastering, governing, and protecting the data you need to deliver accurate and consistent business decisions.

Intelligent Disruptor: 360 Engagement

You are partnering with Informatica for a 360 view of trusted, governed, and relevant data to drive improved business outcomes and competitive advantage. With an end-to-end master data management strategy, you deliver and synchronize customer, product, supplier, and reference data for a complete view of any data and any relationship, including interactions, transactions and IoT data. Examples of initiatives in this category include but are not limited to:

  • Increasing operational productivity, reducing costs, and optimizing efficiency, by automating exchange of data across processes and applications.
  • Accelerating integration of newly acquired companies, and realizing business value faster through matching and merging of customers, suppliers, sales territories, etc, which enables insights into revenue growth, cost reduction and risk mitigation opportunities.
  • Transforming traditional equipment sales and after-sales services models into equipment-as-a-service business, by harmonizing and integrating sensor, asset, location, supplier, product development, sales and service data silos.
  • Increasing customer engagement, loyalty and advocacy, by delivering contextual information into customer journey touchpoints across commerce channels.
  • Delivering a single, trusted view of data for the business user with modular master data fueled applications, such as Customer 360, Product 360 and Supplier 360, to deliver rapid value at scale across regions, functions, and lines of business.
  • Streamlining mergers and acquisitions with speed and certainty by identifying overlapping customers and products to more quickly recognize new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Intelligent Disruptor: Data Governance & Compliance

You are taking a holistic, collaborative approach to data governance, compliance and privacy by design principles, bringing together people, policies, processes, systems, and metrics to align data management activities with strategic business outcomes. With end-to-end visibility of what data is critical to business goals, who is accountable for the data, and how data is impacting business outcomes, you are driving improvements in analytics, operational processes, and risk management. Examples of initiatives in this category include but are not limited to:

  • Delivering trusted, relevant data so all your projects and initiatives meet your business objectives.
  • Discovering, classifying, remediating, and monitoring sensitive data for data privacy and protection.
  • Improving compliance with internal policies and external regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and BSBC 239, by defining and enforcing your standards, policies, and business rules around quality, protection, use, consent, etc.
  • Streamlining business processes such as order-to-cash, procure-to-pay and record-to-report, by understanding how data flows through business processes, and automating semantic mappings across systems.
  • Empowering analytics and AI initiatives with business glossaries, data catalogs, lineage and impact analysis, and data quality.
  • Automating and accelerating governance and stewardship activities with data policies, rules, ownership, processes, workflow, monitoring and notifications.


Don’t wait! Submit your nomination today! Nominations will close on March 7, 2019– 5:00 p.m. PT.

Please refer to our Informatica World 2019 Innovation Awards FAQ for additional information.