Innovation Awards

True disruptors use data intelligently to make possible that which never existed before…

Since 2000, Informatica has presented customer Innovation Awards to intelligent disruptors who use data to deliver great business outcomes. Informatica Innovation Awards recognize our customers and their success using Informatica’s solutions and services. We value our relationship with our customers and look forward to honoring those who truly “Disrupt. Intelligently“ at Informatica World 2018.

This year, there are four award categories, and nominations for Innovation Awards must be for named customers only. Informatica customers, partners and employees may submit nominations; however, anonymous or partner-only submissions without a named customer will not be considered.

If selected as one of the top three Honorees in a category, the customer must agree to the Innovation Awards Terms & Conditions, which includes attending Informatica World and being named publicly in co-marketing activities.

Are YOU a disruptor? Tell us your story!
We will celebrate the best intelligent disruptors at Informatica World 2018.

Please submit your Innovation Award Nomination by March 6 in any of the following four categories (you may select more than one category):

  • Intelligent Disruptor: Next Generation Analytics
  • Intelligent Disruptor: Cloud/Hybrid
  • Intelligent Disruptor: 360 Engagement
  • Intelligent Disruptor: Data Governance & Compliance

Intelligent Disruptor: Next Generation Analytics

You are using Informatica not only to enable faster and better-quality business decisions, but also to disrupt your industry and gain a competitive advantage with data-driven innovation. In a world filled with stale, unreliable, inaccurate, and incomplete data, you are delivering consistent, trusted, and integrated information while eliminating redundancy and driving reuse. Submit in this category if you are on a next-generation analytics journey, successfully delivering an enterprise analytical capability by making it easier to find, ingest, prepare, enrich, cleanse, secure, govern, and deliver data to drive better business decisions and insights. Examples of initiatives in this category include:

  • The discovery and management—via a data catalog—of data assets across the enterprise.
  • The use of Hadoop and big data infrastructure to optimize data warehouses and deliver more relevant and trusted data for analytics.
  • Delivering data to end users with less complexity and increased self-service using data integration hubs.

Intelligent Disruptor: Cloud/Hybrid

You are using Informatica to support a cloud-first approach with a clear executive mandate for migrating to cloud environments, or embarking on a hybrid journey that combines on-premises and cloud environments together. By avoiding large, upfront capital investment costs and bypassing the months required to provision a data center, you are helping to drive cloud adoption and shift budgets to the cloud in the form of PaaS, IaaS, or SaaS. Submit in this category if you are on a cloud/hybrid journey that will position your company to reap the various benefits of the cloud, including scale, faster time to market, higher productivity, business agility, elasticity, and portability. Examples of initiatives in this category include:

  • Creating a cohesive hybrid data management strategy.
  • Amplifying data management for Big Data, IoT, B2B, and Integration Hub use cases.
  • Providing intelligent, metadata-driven microservices.

Intelligent Disruptor: 360 Engagement

You are using Master Data Management, Data Quality and master data-fueled applications to replace fragmented, inaccurate, and incomplete data with a trusted data foundation that powers success and provides the versatility needed to meet any business challenge. As a data-driven disruptor, you realize that managing your information value chain in a strategic manner is not optional. Submit in this category if you are on a 360-degree engagement journey (e.g., Customer, Product, Supplier, etc), employing next-generation strategies fueled by trusted, relevant, and governed data to build customer loyalty, transform processes, deliver new business models, and streamline collaboration. Examples of initiatives in this category include:

  • Optimizing efficiency and automating data management and enrichment to reduce costs, increase productivity, and modernize processes at scale.
  • Transforming customer relationships, commerce, and supply chains to deliver on customer expectations at scale with data of any type.
  • Complying with regulatory and internal policies with confidence and ease by understanding where data comes from, where it’s going, and how it’s being used.
  • Tearing down information siloes while turning new, complex, and fragmented data into useable information, and accelerating analytics companywide.
  • Streamlining mergers and acquisitions with speed and certainty by identifying overlapping customers, products, and sales territories to more quickly recognize new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Intelligent Disruptor: Data Governance & Compliance

You are taking a holistic, collaborative approach to data governance and compliance, bringing together people, processes, and systems to deliver strategic business outcomes. Using end-to-end data governance, you are addressing key IT and business needs, including compliance with regulations (such as GDPR, BSBC 239, etc.), operational efficiencies, data privacy, improved customer experience, and more. Examples of initiatives in this category include:

  • Using trusted data to avoid fines through compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Empowering your data governance teams with a business glossary and tools to manage data quality effectively.
  • Employing AI-driven data lineage, providing both business and technical users with transparency and auditability of the data supply chain required to support their processes.
  • Implementing data stewardship best practices for your organization’s strategic success.
  • Reducing your risk through data security by protecting and monitoring your data.
  • Governing your data effectively, making it easy to access, understand, and use across the enterprise.
  • Making informed business decisions with relevant, timely and high-quality data.
  • Implementing or starting to implement GDPR compliance efforts to govern, secure, catalog, and master your data.

Don’t wait! Submit your nomination today! If you have questions about your submission, please contact the Informatica Customer Advocacy Team. Nominations have been extended until March 6, 2018.